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Birthday Bash!

What a coincidence! Two couples celebrating the birthday of their significant other, on the same day. What was even more surprising is both share the same birthday! Mel arranged the date for Ignatius, and Adam did the same for Jess. What lovely couples.

Birthday couples

Jess (in black) is an artist, she has a great eye for design as is evident in her creation.

Adam and Jess

What a lovely bear key chain. It's amazing she learnt the CAD software and designed her concept within two hours! Adam being a Psychologist specialising in ergonomics, created a functional device, ergonomic and attractive.

Mel and Ig

Mel and Ignatius were equally creative, Ignatius designed a functional device and incorporated elements commemorating his birthday. Mel created a pendant or tag that identifies her possessions.

We had a great time meeting up with new friends and bonding with loved ones. In fact, we lost all track of time and enjoyed the session stretching from late morning to late afternoon.

We wish both couples a happy time together, it is great sharing time with those you love.

If you would like to share a happy time with someone you care about, come spend some time with us. We welcome you and your loved ones, see you soon!

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