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3D for Medical Practitioners!

First a dentist and now a potential GP! JH arrived a little flushed for our workshop due to the effects of the hot season and the hill she was climbing to get here {think Grab for a comfortable journey here ; ) }.

With a background in Medicine (academically inclined), picking up CAD was a breeze for her. As a result, we glided through basic skills to more advanced techniques in minutes.

More importantly, she displayed creativity by visualizing complex shapes to materialise her concept, which was both functional and aesthetic.

We had a fun time with 3D design and Printing. We even had time left over to have a dabble at robotics. She managed to grasp the concept of coding rapidly and managed to issue basic commands to our mbots.

Come have an informative and fun time here, if we have time, you can enjoy our robots as well. Book a workshop at for special packages and discounts!

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