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Fellow Alumnus!

Ven and I are both from Catholic Junior College, she's many generations younger than me though ; ). She has a love for DIY/handicraft projects, a maker just like me. When she expressed an interest in cookie cutters, I thought she was into baking. I tested out a design and even baked some cookies to make sure the design worked. It turns out, she uses the cookie cutter to shape polymer clay into jewellery! We cater our workshops to your needs, if you have a concept that needs our help to materialise, get in touch with us to realise your ideas. It was great to catch up with a fellow CJcian, we had a fun time, come join us at our next workshop.

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Kally Ninnette
Kally Ninnette
Jan 24, 2022

But Blue River still has senior center Ally Madden, one of the best players in the region's interior and sharpshooting junior Maci Chamberlin and plenty of Mut 22 coins depth around them to make an appearance in another event.

Although winning four consecutive sectional championships will break the school record in the process, the Vikings still have many steps to take toward being a definite postseason contender.

"I do not know, because we're still in the process of growing. I'd like to see us grow into a team capable accomplishing this. I don't think we're there yet," Bales said of the team's chances of winning the sectional championship. "We've got to learn how to defend better ... be careful not…


Ben Dunk
Ben Dunk
May 01, 2021

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