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Kreativ Werkz prioritises the needs of each client. We strive to help you find your creative voice through a variety of services. We are a culture of thinkers and makers who have been bringing our clients’ ideas into existence since 2014. Kreativ Werkz was born to serve the creative needs of the artistic and scientific community.


There is a wealth of talent in Singapore that goes untapped as we struggle to survive in a stressful environment. At Kreativ Werkz, we help provide the tools and expertise to exercise your creativity. Actualise your thoughts and dreams into tangible creations.


Make an appointment to visit us at 65 Jalan Chengam, in the quiet part of Sembawang Hills, to find out how we can help you. We can print in 3D, scan objects and digitize their geometry for 3D printing, cut flat materials into shapes from sketches, laser engrave materials such as wood, shape and cut wood, provide workshops for DIY enthusiasts and many more.


Display your creations for free with us. We want to monetise your creations, but not penalise you for your efforts. Come talk to us about your dreams and we will try to make them come true. Join us in our workshops to share knowledge, meet new friends, bond with your loved ones or just escape into a stress-free environment for a while.

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