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At Kreativ Werkz we don’t just do the job - we succeed. Kreativ Werkz wants to differentiate you from the competition, and help you stand out like the star you truly are. We’re proud of everything we do, and invite you to take a look for yourself. View all of our projects to get a taste of the type of work we’re proud to do.



Isage Communications approached us to design a case that allows their wireless device to be bundled with a low cost battery. This working prototype was designed in 3D CAD and 3D printed within half a day. 3D design and printing allows companies to create functional prototypes in previously impossible time frames. Let us know what you need, arrange an appointment to flesh out your ideas, and receive your prototype within the same day!



We had a great challenge from SUTD. A student had designed a trophy which the school decided to use for their upcoming ceremony. With only a single STL file to work with, we redesigned the trophy to save as much material as possible, while retaining structural integrity. However, the prototype was estimated to cost above $100 per piece. 3D printing can be costly for large models. In this case, there were four unique vertical faces, with a height over 20cm. At Kreativ Werkz, we are not afraid to develop prototypes, even if they don't go into production. 3D printing gives us the ability to express our creativity, most importantly, we limit costs by identifying design shortfalls and suggesting alternatives. Nothing is impossible unless you try actualising your ideas. Let us know if you need our help, create the impossible!

hex speaker.JPG


This fully 3D design and printed speaker enclosure was commissioned by SAAS Plaza for their new office. A full range stereo system was developed to maximise audio dispersion and minimise footprint. The company logo is emblazoned on each speaker. Let us know if you have a special request, we don't just do prototyping, we believe that our creations should merge function with aesthetics.

Foto Frame Cube.jpg


This product range was created to address the needs of the young and trendy generation. Instax fotos are nouveau retro, instant gratification in a small form factor. The custom frames and stands reflect this youthful energy. Strong neodymium magnets attach the frame to metal surfaces like fridge doors. The stands allow the frames to "dance" in a light breeze.

compact stereo.jpg


We loved working on this Custom Stereo project. It was a project that truly gave us a chance to do something new, shine bright, and take an approach that highlights our unique talents. We did just that. Creating a one-of-a-kind audio device, that is compact, unique in appearance and sonically mellow. The facia of the enclosure is custom cut, the speaker grill was designed using 3D CAD software and printed in-house. High quality audio components complete the internals, allowing the device to pump out true 8W RMS and yet capable of being driven by 18650 Lithium power cells.



This project was a huge accomplishment. It was a huge undertaking that required a high level of participation from our subject as well. In this project, with our subject’s help, we were able to shape the way Hamsters play and engage with their environment. As a result of our work, the subject was able to enjoy a better life, ultimately leaving both parties ecstatic. See for more information and a cute video starring our subject.



This project was inspired by a walk-in patron who requested for an unusual device called a fidget spinner. As the name suggests, it's great for people who fidget a lot, typically with "shaking legs", thumb twiddling, pen spinning and the like. We decided to design one from the ground up. The results were great, it spins freely for about half a minute or more, and uses Singapore coins as weights. Try one or design your own and print them here. Benefits include stress relief and greater focus and concentration in meetings and classrooms.

Do you want us to help you materialize your vision and bring it to life? Email us, call us, or drop us a line using the form below and we will get in touch soon. We can’t wait to meet you!

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