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Family Bonding

Our first workshop for September was especially fulfilling. We received a request for a customised 3D Design and Print workshop from Edmund, an engineer, ex-lecturer and alumnus from the University of Strathclyde.

Having some experience of 3D printing from his teaching days, he expressed a desire to reconnect with the technology. Taking up the challenge, we designed a course to meet his expectations.

On the day of the workshop, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that his daughter would be joining us. An additional workstation was set up for her. As it appears, she is also a budding engineer or scientist, embarking on a course offered by a collaboration between NUS and Yale. Both of them picked up 3D Design using our CAD tool without a hiccup, and we rapidly advanced to more complex techniques.

However, what was most satisfying was seeing the both of them work together, two generations sharing knowledge unique to their era.

They created models vastly different, demonstrating that the workshop caters to everyone. 3D printed parts can be both ornamental and functional.


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