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Headphone Speakers - Proof of Concept

Have you ever wanted a decent pair of speakers that can double as headphones? Well at Kreativ Werkz we wanted to prove that the concept could become reality. We started with our trusty 2 inch BMR drivers and designed an ultra compact enclosure for it. Then we had to figure out how to attach that to the head band. To cut to the chase, our first prototype looks like this:

All parts were custom designed and 3D printed. The headband was inspired by Sennheiser. A custom headphone stand was designed for this project. Essentially, allowing the headphones to be used as speakers too.

Overall, the system proves that the concept is sound. However, improvements in design and selection of drivers are necessary to make the product ready for market. We have had positive reviews from people who have seen it, anyone wants to support this project and become the first in the world to own this custom audio equipment? Let us know, any contribution would be appreciated.

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