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Speakers designed for the Dutch using filament from Netherlands

May was a busy month for us, two projects were commissioned by SAAS Plaza. The first project involved the design, manufacture and installation of a speaker system to suit the needs of a medium sized office. The system has to be compact, offer wide dispersion of sound and provide full range music without being obtrusive.

The initial design incorporated two 90 mm Balanced Mode Radiators for the left and right channels. A mid bass driver was added to fill out the lower frequencies.

SAAS Plaza Speakers

The speaker array was mounted on a stainless steel stand, custom designed mounting gear was printed for this purpose.

After a few days of testing, the system was enhanced with a hand-built subwoofer to ensure that the client could feel the sound and not only hear it. The guys who work late can destress with some heart pumping music.

The subwoofer has a custom designed amplifier enclosure and is handpainted for that handmade look. All components bear the company's logo to impart a look of exclusivity.

The system was commissioned at the company's "housewarming" celebration, adding life to the festivities.

The second project was much more personal. A companion system was designed for a special member of the company. It has to reproduce music faithfully, be forward looking and be unique in both looks and performance.

Trusted BMR drivers were used for this system. For that extra oomph, a downward firing passive radiator was added.

This system takes design elements from big brother, it is able to reproduce full range music but at an intimate distance.

We thank SAAS Plaza for their generous patronage and wish them continued success in the cloud business.

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