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Customised Workshops

Are you interested in one of our workshops but can't find a time slot that suits you? Or are you interested in something specific? Grant and Priscilla joined us recently for customised workshops based on their specific interests.

Priscilla sent us images of things she was interested to design and make. Although designing a bolt and nut appears simple enough, in reality for a bolt and nut to fit precisely, advanced engineering know how is required.

Advanced design techniques would require more than two hours to cover. So, we designed something along the lines of the bolt and nut that she requested. A spanner was created from the modified template of the lesson staple, the trolley key.

The spanner was designed with an ergonomic thumb grip and works with the printed bolt and nut. The design reflects her background in the arts; clean lines and pleasing looks.

Grant wanted to know more about the overall process of designing and printing a 3D object. With a business background, Grant was interested in the monetary aspects as well.

He designed something for his loved one. The planning process can be seen behind him ; )

Here is a closer look.

The cupcake keychain after some painting.

It was a joy having them at our workshops. So if you want to know more about 3D design and printing, contact us for a customised workshop at the time of your choice. A private session can be arranged. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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