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3D printing sponsor for RGS' F1 in Schools Nationals 2017

Kreativ Werkz is proud to be the 3D printing sponsor for Team Zenova representing Raffles Girls' School.

Team Zenova

It was a pleasure meeting up with the four girls at Kreativ Werkz. We bounced ideas off each other on critical factors that affect the speed and trajectory of the F1 model craft. The blurred models below show the first prototype of the aerofoils that provide downforce and aerodynamics to the main body of the model craft.


We then proceeded to a short tutorial on 3D printing parts created with CAD software. The girls were eager to learn more about the printing process. (Deliberately blurred image, sorry)


We ended with a hands-on session regarding the all important procedure of post-processing 3D printed parts.

We look forward to seeing the team again for the next iteration, incorporating points brought up during our brainstorming session. 3D printing is great for rapid prototyping, and we hope to see more people adopting this technology to create a better world for everyone. It is wonderful to know that the next generation is already up to the task.


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